About The Author


After a lifelong career in catering, where he began as a trainee cook in the mid-sixties, John L. Jewell ascended to the level of contract manager. He gave it up to care for his wife when she became ill, and when she passed from this life, he was at odds with the world and himself. Lost and heartbroken, he searched for purpose in his life.


Then John began writing at the age of sixty-two. This is his first venture into the world of literature, and it demonstrates his active imagination. His style is descriptive and somewhat romantic; he sees the story in real time as he writes and conveys those images to the reader.


Authors such as Jo Nesbo (The Snowman), Kate Mosse (The Labyrinth), and Steig Larsen’s Millennium trilogy gave him inspiration and the courage to activate his own imagination in word form. He is a new and exciting writer who grips the reader and takes them on a journey through life, pain, grief and sorrow, joy and discovery; have a tissue ready if you are of the sentimental kind, he can excite you and bring tears to your eyes with his words.